Your research matters!

Getting their research published in high-ranking international journals is vital for every scientist and an essential aspect of a successful academic career. Even though an article written for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal may be relatively short, it is the process of writing which takes considerable time, effort, and knowledge.
If you are a scientist whose first language is not English, the writing process may actually represent an insurmountable obstacle to successfully publish your results and you may find yourself spending an unjustifiably large amount of time on getting your manuscript submission-ready.
Orange Grove Editing (OGE) is well aware of the difficulties researchers from non-English speaking backgrounds face when it comes to presenting their research in the most effective way. Manuscripts must be written in an impeccable English, highly accurate and readable, and have the perfect `look and feel´ to be considered for publication. Quotations and citations must be precise, your reference list flawless and adhering to the journal´s guidelines, and your publication requires a title, abstract, and keywords which perfectly represent your research and enable potential readers to find it.


Focus on your research and let OGE help you!

Orange Grove Editing is here to assist you in the writing and publication process, and makes sure that your article is written in a linguistically and grammatically correct English ready for submission, error-free, with immaculate flow and readability.